Chubb Travel Statement of Suitability


This is an important document which sets out the reason why the product(s) or services offered or recommended is/are considered suitable, or the most suitable, for your particular needs, objectives or circumstances

The Central Bank of Ireland requires us to provide you with a statement of the reasons why a particular insurance policy (product) is considered suitable for your requirements and why it’s transaction is considered to be in your best interest.

When travelling abroad you are exposed to the possibility of loss, injury or liability for Cancellation & Curtailment, Travel Delay, Missed Departure, Personal Accident, Medical Expenses, Hospital Benefit, Personal Property, Money, Passport/Driving Licence, Hijack, and Personal Liability.

This product provides protection to you in respect of such exposures, subject to the policy terms and conditions and is comparable with other products available from the Insurance market. In our professional judgement and in our capacity as your agent, we believe that this product is suitable to satisfy your insurance requirements based on the guidance we have provided you in the travel insurance pages of our website.

In arriving at our decision to place the insurance with Chubb Travel Insurance, we have taken into account the scope of cover, competitiveness, relationship with the Insurance Company, security, accessibility and services provided by Chubb Travel Insurance.

Some Insurers (e.g. certain Lloyd’s syndicates, direct Insurers, Producers of exclusive schemes) do not make their rates or terms available to us or transact business through us or other Insurance Brokers generally. We undertake what market research we can in these circumstances and are satisfied based on this research that this product provides good value for money on the basis of price and cover.